Go Dry, Stay Fly! Dive into Dry July at Brewlab 🚫🍹

Welcome to Brewlab

We are proud to showcase Tasmanian craft brews and create a café where everyone is welcome. At Brewlab, great brews and food are our focus… oh and check out the fun!

Dry July Anyone?

This July, we’re embracing Dry July with a refreshing lineup of non-alcoholic craft beers and delightful mocktails.
Whether you’re taking a break from alcohol or simply exploring new flavours, we’ve got something special for you to enjoy.
Come discover the delicious side of going dry with us!

Stop in and grab a mixed 4 pack to take away too! 🎉 🎉


Community Event Spaces

Looking for the ideal venue for your community event ideas? ​
We offer a versatile space that’s perfect for bringing your community together. Whether you’re planning a charity fundraiser, a local art exhibition, or a neighbourhood gathering, our venue provides:

✔️ Flexible and spacious room with bar & private bathroom
✔️ A cozy atmosphere with a touch of craft beer charm
✔️ Customizable options for food and beverages
✔️ Projector available

Let us help you make your community event a success. Contact us today to learn more about booking our space for your next gathering!

Feeling the Love?

Exciting news!
We are now a part of the prestigious Tasmanian Wedding Directory to offer you the perfect venue for your special day at Brewlab.
Nestled in Prince Of Wales Bay, our venue combines rustic charm with exceptional craft beer, creating a unique, non-traditional setting for weddings.
We sat down with Emma at the Tasmanian Wedding Directory to explore why Brewlab is so special.
Here’s a snippet from our chat:

What advice would you give to a couple planning their dream Tasmanian wedding?

Our island home is so unique, rugged & raw! We tried to include some of these elements in our design of Brewlab. My advice would be to be prepared for frequent weather changes!

We love Brewlab and think it’s such an epic wedding venue. Good beer, good vibes, dog friendly! What else should couples know?

Providing personalised service is our utmost priority. At Brewlab, we want everyone walking in feeling like they are in their own big beautiful home.

“Relax & enjoy yourselves in good company”
This sets us apart from the other venues.


✨ Sunday Session

Meet Ben Carpenter.
He has been playing at Brewlab since we opened 2 years ago!

Come and listen to some sweet tunes by the fire from 12:00 on Sunday for this family-friendly event!

We have live music on EVERY SUNDAY & We run family specials so you don’t have to worry about the kids!!
It’s the perfect Sunday you are looking for.
See you there! 🌞🎸✨

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